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Welcome to the Vonage Residential Community Forum: This Community is first and foremost a peer-to-peer forum created with the idea that Vonage customers are a great resource for assisting other Vonage customers with their questions about Vonage features, and products.

  • If you need direct help from Vonage or if the issue is urgent, please use the Contáctanos link.

Community How-To

To Become a Community Member

There are currently two ways to sign in to the Vonage Community. Both links are in the left navigation panel.
  • Click Sign In to sign in with your Vonage Online Account username and password.
  • Click Facebook to sign in with your Facebook credentials.

Find an Answer to Your Question

There are two ways to find information. Browse by Topic.
  • You can navigate to the topic on the left navigation bar to browse for information, i.e., go to FEATURES & SETTINGS for posts about Voicemail.

Sort Topics 

You can then sort the results based on the following options.
  • Date Posted sorts questions with the most recently asked questions appearing first.
  • Recent Activity sorts questions with the most recent replies and comments appearing first.
  • Most Popular sorts questions that have received the most likes, upvotes, and followers appearing first.

Community Search 

You can type your question into the Search bar and hit Enter.
  • A list of relevant posts will display. Click on the title of a post to read the contents.
  • You will need to X out of the search results list to view the post you selected.

Post a Question

After you have signed in to the Vonage Community, you can post a question as follows.
  • Enter your question in to the Search field.
  • Review the search results to determine if an existing post answers your question.
  • Click CONTINUE TO POST at the bottom of the search results if you still need an answer. A pop-up window opens.
  • Update the title of the post, if necessary.
  • Enter your question.
  • Select a category for your question from the drop-down menu.
  • Click POST.

Comment on a Post

You can comment on a post or provide an answer to a posted question by clicking Answer at the bottom of a post.
  • Enter your comment and then click ANSWER.

Follow a Post

If you are reading a post and want to receive an email when someone responds with an answer or a comment.
  • Click Follow at the bottom of the post.

Like a Post

This lets others know that the information was valuable.
  • You can indicate that a post was helpful by clicking Like at the bottom of the post.

Flag a Post as Spam or Inappropriate

You can indicate that a post was inappropriate, hateful or just spam by.
  • Clicking Flag at the bottom of the post and selecting from the drop down menu.