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Block annoying numbers

How do I block specific nummbers, like telemarketers, from ringing my phone?
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VonageModerator CoreyVonageModerator Corey (Vonage Business Solutions) 
Hello MLM,

We provide different features to help block numbers such as Selective Call block and Anonymous Call block. Look on Vonage.com under features for more details.https://support.vonage.com/articles/answer/Selective-Call-Block-13990


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VonageModerator CoreyVonageModerator Corey (Vonage Business Solutions) 
Hello MLM,

We provide different features to help block numbers such as Selective Call block and Anonymous Call block. Look on Vonage.com under features for more details.https://support.vonage.com/articles/answer/Selective-Call-Block-13990

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thanks.  Selective call Block is what i was looking for.
why cant i block some #s
why cant i block some #s?
I get daily annoying calls from telemarketers regarding interest deals. I have asked to take me of the calling list with no success. I noticed that all these calls have tel. numbers ending in (xxx) xxx-0835. I have so far blocked 26 of these numbers but they keep coming. Wish there were a way to selectively block all numbers endin with "0835". Would be a very nice feature to have.
We've had Vonage almost 10 years with zero problems. The only thing i would suggest is to increase the amount of #'s that can be blocked. With robocalls, telemarketers using sequential #'s to get around blocked #'s 50 is eaten up in a NY second! Between 2 cell phones and the house vonage we get an average of 15 unwanted, annoying calls a week - AFTER being put on the National Do Not Call Registry.
Is there no way to block a area code or all area codes except the one I live in?? Kids use this phone, we have been getting a few telemarketers. I have both a business and personal number through vonage. This concerns the personal.
None of your present solutions, like writing down a fake number, booting up my computer, logging on to your web site, finding the blocked number list, only to have to do the same thing 10-15 times a day. Your technology is 10 years behind the times. The spammers and scammers are driving me up the wall and you offer no quick, easy way to block calls that use caller ID's that you have never heard of or just don't care. This is Vonages biggest issue, and all you want to do is talk about your web site. Get to work or begone. You're not the only VOIP anymore in case you haven't noticed, and are one of the most expensive. If I see no progress beyong fiddling with your website, you're fired. Never any coherent responce, not even "we're working on it" I see no progress at all in Vonage addressing the main thing that makes us want to throw the phone against the wall. I can block calls easier on my mobile phone, why should I keep you?
In addition I want you to know I've signed up for the state and federal "Do not call List", blocked all robo-calls, filled up the 30 numbers my Panasonic phone lets me do with 2 clicks on the keyboard, called and written you many times, taken every survey, and begged and pleaded with Vonage to get with it. Nothing but silence except the phone ringing about every 20 minutes with another spoofed call, that Vonage cannot or willnot do anything to stop. Your present complicated trip to your website is useless. Your caller id block is a joke. Signed, a South Florida resident who will stop paying you, unless you fix this issue. I can't stand it any longer, and you are worse than useless in helping stop this invasion of the phone scammers.
ATTENTION - block ALL numbers from area code 876. They are scammers from Jamaica trying to scam you by telling you that you've won $ 10 million in the Jamaican lottery. They have at least 23 different phone numbers that I have blocked. They all begin with area code 876.
How do you block an area code? I would like to block all calls beginning with 011 +6135244 which are scammers pretending to be Microsoft. They change the last four digits for each call so have 9999 numbers to play with. Blocking 50 numbers does not help. The number is supposedly an Australian one but I don't believe it!
As a information system professional with multiple decades of experience, I would suggest some improvements to call blocking:

1. This would perhaps require a separate webpage from the current https://secure.vonage.com/account/summary.html. A customer should be able to put an icon on their Windows 10 desktop that will immediately provide a list of all 'recent calls' for the last 12 months. Any and all phone numbers on the list could be selected at one-pass and a single submit-button click.

2. I think 1,000 phone numbers would be a more resonable limit. 50 phone numbers is too small. If the blocked-numbers are put in a hierarchically organized database - 1,000 should be easy to support
I agree with the prior comments that the 50-number limit on blocking is woefully inadequate given the methods the spammers are now using.

My recommendations are:
  1. Remove the limit on the quantity of numbers that can be blocked
  2. Enable more control over blocking. I.e.: "Block all numbers that begin with..." or "Block all numbers that end with" or "Block all numbers that contain..." , etc.
  3. Enable users to mark numbers as spam and proactively prevent those calls from going through based on a database that Vonage keeps. Do it the same way email services do. It's time that Vonage catches up to the times.
Please make the number of blocked numbers unlimited. Swiping on the app no longer works.
I've a mobile phone from AT&T and never received this many random calls. Today i received about 20 calls from the same person with different numnbers and some times caller ID only shows 3 digits. I just disconnected phone now to avoid getting calls from this harrassing company. All these calls originated from India and they probably don't care about FTCs do not call list specially in the time of govt. shutdown. There should be a way to block or screen unknown numbers before taking the call.
Since coming to Vonage my Spam calls have gone through the roof. The caller id will say SSI and be from a different number each time (as an example of why blocking doesn't work). I would like to see a "This caller does not accept solicitations, if you are a soliciter please hang up otherwise press 1" This completely heals Robo calls because they can't press 1 and most solicitors won't bother. Please initiate this feature or somethng other than call block
Vonage has been hacked! I cannot count the number of times I have entered a number into Vonage's SimulRing "feature" only to have it erased (by who?). It has happened about 20 times in the last year. The number seems to vanish after a few weeks. I am using SimulRing to access nomorobo's anti-spam service.

Anyone else having this problem? Vonage is no help at all, telling me that I never set it up, telling me to reboot their modem, etc.

The number that keeps vanishing is (877) 659-3620 which is nomorobo's number.
I have the exact same problem, Vonage keeps insisting that 877-659-3620 is the correct number but it isn't. This number causes NoMoRoBo to refuse "enable" and kicks you back to Vonage as they assume you've made an error. There is no error. Vonage is being paid by telemarketers to let them bypass NoMoRoBo and call right through. My number has been disabled for months despite numorous calls and E-mail to both companies. Vonage has turned into a scam.
I agree with  these peokple, it is like Vonage does not care..................I have blocked calls.......originally my number was a business number.....I found out after taking it.
Keep getting multiple caalls from a company, they claim they are set up so I can enter the digit 7, and will not get any more calls...........what a laugh..............the calls keep coming................I'm disgusted..........Vonage needs to wake up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leslie's comment was similar to the one I was going to make... especially #2: Enable more control over blocking calls. To add my suggestion, we need to be able to block the actual caller ID, specifically in regards to cities/states. Why not give us the ability to block actual state abbreviations in the caller ID, that way any call coming from "Anytown, State" is blocked. In that same vein, we also get countless calls from spammers using ID's with "V" prefixed numbers, ie. V294094828456, etc. and those change on a dime. Allow us to block all ID's that begin with "V********" (astericks being the wildcard for whatever numbers they try to use). Seriously, I'm getting ready to just cancel our phone service because of all the trash calls. Blocking numbers repeatedly does not help - the spammers just cycle to another number!
Monroe B and June M1589420557412Monroe B and June M1589420557412
The spoofed number being used is my own telephone number. So my own number shows up from the call. I have had four of these calls in the last two days. Not sure if there would be bad repercussions from blocking my own phone number.

I agree with issues on robo call, and the problem is getting worse and worse. today we have had 27 calls so far.Most of the calls are virtual numbers beginning with "V"
I propose the following:

1-Vonage needs to do more, otherwise we will consider canceling service
2- Block call needs to be much greater than 50, My panasonic phone allows 150 calls to be blocked and its not enough. The blocks only last so long as the spammer change quickly.
3- We are wits end on stopping these calls.
Today, as stop gap measure I have silenced the rings to 0 to preserve peace and tranquility in our home

Vonage: please leverage one or more of the suggestions in this thread to
  1. Subastantially expand the number of callers we can block
  2. Simplify the blocking of caller number ranges
...or provide for a 3rd party service that can preemptively block known Robocallers/SPAMmers/PHISHers.

Please act, immediately, or this 18-year Vonage customer will cancel service. 
John and Christina1583949363301John and Christina1583949363301
I have received three spam calls so far this morning, and it's making me reevaluate my choice of Vonage. Vonage, are you listening? How about this -- after 10 callers block a certain number, then don't allow any more calls from that number to any Vonage customers. Maybe that would fix the problem!
so far I don't like your service, try to speak to human and nothing, am not happy.
Marie Haar1588264712357Marie Haar1588264712357
I haven't made any outgoing calls almost since I became a Vonage customer. Do you have plans for only incoming calls? I've been with you since you started almost 20 years ago.. your definitely pricy I'd hate to leave after being so loyal

Due to robo calling and their ability to "spoof" random Caller ID numbers this "Selective Call Block" feature is no longer useful since the numbers are constantly changing.

Might I suggest you replace this calling feature with "Selective Call Accept". Still have the same 50 phone number list but instead of listing numbers to block you list numbers that would be accepted and allowed to ring your phone. If a number is not on the list then it gets kicked to voice mail. Also, give this new feature an on/off option just in case you're expecting a call from an unknown number you could temporary turn off this feature and let all calls ring your phone.

This would be a much more useful feature!!!

Of course it appears no one from Vonage even takes the time to look at this forum anymore. SMH